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Print Books on the Shelf #amazonbooks #writing #writerswrite #wcquickauthor #kindle #theworldsoftheorb #theworldsoftheorb2 #bloodboneandawitcheskiss


The Worlds of The Orb 2  is the newest addition to the shelf.



The Worlds of The Orb Anthologies and Blood, Bone and a Witches Kiss by WC Quick are in print and nestled on the bookshelf at my daughters house. I have print copies of most of the novellas included in the Orb short story collections.

Over the past 3 years I have been selling the print versions of my stories at 2 Comic Con events, as well as author and artist fairs. It is costly, time and money, to attend print book venues but the return is positive both in exposure and some amount of sales. People do seem to prefer the physical book and a chance to talk with the author.

The eBook sales, namely Amazon Kindle usually drop after the initial release unless I remember to promote heavily with AMS or other marketing services. Some advertising expense is always related to sales.

And no, I have not made a profit on my books on either venues. I keep swinging to that effort. I will hit that fat piñata someday.


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The Worlds of The Orb Anthology by WC Quick #darkfantasy #sciencefiction #fae #magicalrealism #amazonbooks #kindle


Open the door to the worlds of the Orb

The Worlds of The Orb Anthology by WC Quick

The first stories from the alternate dimensions of The Orb

From Amazon Kindle and in print


The Worlds Of The Orb: The Orb Anthology by [Quick, WC]

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The Worlds of The Orb 2 by WC Quick #darkfantasy #sciencefiction #horror #romance #fae #alternatefairytales

The Worlds of The Orb 2  is the second short story anthology from the alternate dimensions of The Orb. In keeping with the Peculiar Pastimes of Retired Fairy Godmothers, classic fairytale characters, myths and magical realms come to life in this, slightly bent, list of tales. Elves, Fairies, Trolls and Vampires collide with the inhabitants of Real Time earth in supernatural adventures. Magic, adventure, romance and murder. B4EBB5EF-816C-4D7D-8571-733D27B381AF

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Excerpt from Half-a-Rat and the View from the Clocktower by WC Quick


From Half-a-Rat and the View from the Clocktower

by WC Quick

All Rights Reserved


“Do you remember the time you went into the sewers alone?” Eh-Eye questioned him on his first day back to training.


Half-a-Rat had ventured down into the sewer near the ancient City center, once. He had been hunting rats in his alley by the river. He knew the scratching sounds and the sour stench from their urine. He was young and ambitious. Bringing back more prey would up his status in the alley. The idea struck him that the old sewers could earn him a greater yield.


In the close walled darkness, those sounds and smells overwhelmed him. It was not just one rat slithering below, but a linked serpent, one giant creature flowing through the slop and rain water in the ancient sewer lines. Up top, and much later, he realized that he was hallucinating, his youth and ignorance had gotten the better of him.

“Yes, I do. That was one of the first debriefing sessions after I was recruited into the program.” Half-a-Rat felt the tone of the query was a bit reproving from his teacher. “Did I do something wrong?”


“Prescience and compulsive disorder.” Eh-Eye’s tone was less severe but the words were a little confusing.


“I don’t understand.” The first word evaded him. Compulsive disorder he recalled from his readings of Freud and Jung.


“You seem to know things before they happen. That is prescience. I believe you are in denial of this ability. From Enzo’s account, you knew what and where the swarm was before ground sensors reacted and aerial reconnaissance verified the mass movements.”


“I felt the sounds in my head. It was like a memory of the sewer expedition, yes, but it was also real. It was Now.”


“The Now… that is something unique, again from you, my young student. I remember that the Post Humans of the Circle recited their ventures in the Now. The Circle worked in a quantum field reality. It required tremendous energy. They pushed the limits of that quantum field to ride light to the edge of the universe. They said that they experienced the first spark of being and the end of creation.”


“That seems awfully self-indulgent, considering all the suffering that was happening on the planet during their rule….” Half-a-Rat did not think his reference to Now had anything to do with humans riding on light. “… they neglected their duty to life.”


“Yes, that was the nature of the Post Humans. Suffering to transcendence was just a phase.” Eh-Eye started flashing pictures on the screen of space station interiors.


The images looked familiar, eerily akin to his dream, which he had recorded on to Eh-Eye’s voice messenger during his recovery. “I recognize those pictures. I most likely recalled them from a previous study assignment.”


“These are real time images from the station, the frequency of the roll, pitch and yaw of the vessel and the images from the view ports are similar in timing to your account.” The screen went dark but for the single red dot of camera.


“You think that I have precious knowledge of this event, like with the rats.”


“The term is prescience but forget about the terminology for the moment.”


The new images scrolling on the screen were of the members of the defense force killed in the attack. They all looked so proud and young in their recruitment file photos, even the snarling face of You-Die.


“I feel guilty for their deaths.” He had to look away from the screen. Eh-Eye was right to have berated him early on.


“They are heroes of the City and their memories will be recorded for all time. You did not cause them to die. Your action saved many more lives and stopped an incursion into the cradle of the City. The young and defenseless were at risk. My purpose for showing you the fallen is to emphasize that you were not among them.”


“You were angry that I might have been killed?”


“I have a sizeable investment in you. Be advised however, other trainees are at or above your competency at the mechanics of the mission and may offer a solution if you insist on getting yourself killed. That is where the compulsive disorder part of my earlier statement comes to bear.”


“It is curiosity. I think it is a better term than compulsive disorder. I do struggle with the urges. It is just that it wins out over caution on occasion.”


“Curiosity and cats, a cliché poised to usher in the doom of life on earth.” The AI voice made a coughing grumble.


Half-a-Rat’s ears went full flat in reply. He chose to deflect the conversation. “Shall we resume training?”


“Yes, you are fit to return to duty.” The simulator energized as the lights brightened in the chamber.


“Did the Post Humans ever leave on their beams of light?” Half-a-Ray asked while putting on the G-suit.


“No, they went insane and died badly.”


The simulator hatch opened and the countdown to launch started beeping.


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The Worlds of The Orb 2 by WC Quick #anthologies #fantasy #witches #Fae #darkfantasy #urbanfantasy #elves #dogs #cats #horror #motorcycle #romance

The Worlds of The Orb 2 is available at Amazon Books, Kindle eBook format and in Print

New release, follow up short story collection to The Worlds of The Orb

The first book you had too dive into the Orb. This time you can drive.


The Worlds of The Orb 2 by [Quick, WC]