The 1st 500

Welcome to my Vlog where I read and hopefully get to discuss the impact of the first 500 words of famous, popular and critically acclaimed works of fiction. I also include fellow indie writers that I have come to enjoy and admire. I ask several questions of readers and fiction authors. And there is the premise that you opened these books with no author or title bias or preconception other than being in the fiction section of the bookstore or library.

Does the beginning of a story have a great impression on you as a reader? Enough to end the relationship or engaging enough to keep reading?

What do you want from a story? Humor and entertainment (contemporary fiction, Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins) , something visceral (like in horror genre novels, Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons) or some general informative works, geographical/historical novels like anything by James Michener or James Clavell… and do you begin to bond with these types of tales in the opening paragraphs.

I begin with the first 500, or so words from The Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

The First 500

The Valley of the Dolls


Of course I promote my own stories here

The Worlds of The Orb 2

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Promoting the books in print by WC Quick

Two anthologies and a novel based on stories from my alternate dimensions of The Orb.

The Worlds of The Orb

The Worlds of The Orb 2

Blood, Bone and a Witches Kiss

The novel, Blood Bone and a Witches Kiss is weaved together from a series of fantasy short stories (the Beneath the Barn series) I wrote from the mid 1990’s. The completed novel deals with the interactions of young people in a rural farming community, a series of murders and an otherworldly connection to the dimensions of the Fae

TWOTO (my first collection of novellas and short stories) has 8 tales, my early works.

TWOTO 2 is a collection of 5 dark fantasy stories, with humor, gore and an alternate take on the classic fairytales and characters

Also available from Amazon Kindle




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Silver Coins by WC Quick #poems #poetry #fantasy #horror

Silver Coins by WC Quick

Excerpts from Silver Coins by WC Quick

All Rights Reserved


The Prophet

I met the Prophet

Seen Him around

Formed from smoke

Pouring out the cracks

Of the emergency exit

Chained to ward thieves


Or maybe alley cats


A traveler to and from

The other Now

Mirrors an intense burning gaze

Puckered lips, squinting

Between puffs, a freshly lit



The last match


He smiles at me

We watch

Links rattle

Less Now

At the handle

As the screams die out




At the café window seat

Tap and rattle, beak and claws


Fluttering manic, panic, anger

At exclusion


Pisha, a reflection nods

Silly antics, crazy does at Failing, Failing


As your finger taps to tease

The creature in the magic mirror.



Back from Wonderland

Sweet Alice at the bus stop

With some pasty, pink-eyed guy


Finger points and Curses, “MotherFucker”

To the strangers passing by


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Fantasy Characters from Real Life #Artwork #coverart #drawing #wcquickauthor

I have my favorite subjects from my stories. They range from dogs, Cats and birds to machines; cars, motorcycles, cell phones and toaster ovens.

Cinderella The Cat from The Iron Dragon 



Lothar the Hellhound from The Iron Dragon


The Seize from The Lady of the Mist



An alternate perspective of a Hellhound from The Golden Dragon


Cover Art for The Lady of the Mist


My stretching cat from Loves Leap, the 1st story of The Worlds of The Orb, an Orb Fantasy Anthology

The Worlds of The Orb


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The Worlds of The Orb by WC Quick #darkfantasy #Fae #fairies #elves #vampires #motorcycleromance #romance #adventure #timetravelromance #cats #dogs

The Worlds of The Orb  

Visit my Author page for Amazon Book, available from Amazon Kindle and in Print

The Worlds 0f The Orb

The Worlds of The Orb 2

Blood, Bone and a Witches Kiss


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Excerpt from Half-a-Rat

I keep editing and re writing. Here is a bit from the first in the Half-a-Rat series, A View from the Clocktower-


Enzo sat, fidgeting his front paws, waiting for his new Queen to speak.


Half-a-rat felt embarrassed for him… wagging tail and wiggling like a puppy. The old dog’s adoration for the human female made him act like a twit.


The cat averted his gaze to inspect the highbacked chair she was occupying.


The ancient wood was scuffed and charred a bit. A faded blue, neatly folded, blanket covered the tattered and vermin molested seat cushion. The chair had weathered better than most of the relics of man that the young soldier had encountered.


Half-a-rat decided the dark-skinned woman was not fully grown, more of a wispy girl like he had seen in the flat images from books and the holographs of humans at the Library. She tried to disguise her age and shape with baggy clothing. Though still intimidating when she walked about, on two legs. She was tall but lanky in her movement, like a foal or yearling deer when she crossed the room to sit. Her eyes were clear in her narrow face, a bit of fear showing as she panned about the dark corners for threats.


Half-a-rat had made sure there were no threats. Her lack of proper senses annoyed him. He felt his ears flatten just a bit. It was uncontrollable, his “grumpy cat” look that gave away a bad hand when the squad played poker in the alley. Enzo called it a tell.


He sidled closer to the shabby throne. His claws scraped at the dusty brown tile. He did not want to be subject to this creature. Her kind were the architects of the ruin levied upon the world. They should have all died.


How did this child of man survive the wars and trials of time?


Curiosity it was called. And he had read all the cat lore he could find about it. Never a truer claim was ever made about his kind.


He hopped into her lap.CF092F0B-882C-4EE3-B07D-E23BB4A66705

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Print Books on the Shelf #amazonbooks #writing #writerswrite #wcquickauthor #kindle #theworldsoftheorb #theworldsoftheorb2 #bloodboneandawitcheskiss


The Worlds of The Orb 2  is the newest addition to the shelf.



The Worlds of The Orb Anthologies and Blood, Bone and a Witches Kiss by WC Quick are in print and nestled on the bookshelf at my daughters house. I have print copies of most of the novellas included in the Orb short story collections.

Over the past 3 years I have been selling the print versions of my stories at 2 Comic Con events, as well as author and artist fairs. It is costly, time and money, to attend print book venues but the return is positive both in exposure and some amount of sales. People do seem to prefer the physical book and a chance to talk with the author.

The eBook sales, namely Amazon Kindle usually drop after the initial release unless I remember to promote heavily with AMS or other marketing services. Some advertising expense is always related to sales.

And no, I have not made a profit on my books on either venues. I keep swinging to that effort. I will hit that fat piñata someday.